About Sexual Harassment Structured Settlements


Why Structured Settlements Make Sense

Sexual harassment settlements may be fully or partially taxable. Sexual harassment settlements don't always result in a physical injury or physical sickness within the meaning of IRC 104(a)(2). to qualify for a tax exclusion. . It's bad enough that you got victimized once. In such cases, with a non qualified structured settlement, the damages or settlement can be paid out in stable tax deferred installments.  By structuring sexual harassment settlements you can: 

Earn interest tax deferred

Earn interest on deferred taxes tax deferred

Earn interest on interest tax deferred


How Does It Work?

  You work with a compassionate settlement advisor and Certified Financial Transitionist, who takes the time to see your needs through your lens. As settlement advisors we can collaborate with you to help explore the structured settlement options, test some " what ifs?" with you and to help you determine if a structured settlement is a fit for your situation.

If it is, then the structured settlement must be carefully articulated in the settlement documents.  

A structured settlement is only available as a option where constructive receipt or actual receipt has not occurred.


Why John Darer® and 4structures.com LLC

John Darer is a compassionate credentialed settlement adviser experienced in working and collaborating with people who are going through financial transitions. He is one of only two Certified Financial Transitionists  (CeFT) in the structured settlement industry.  Read more about John Darer.

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